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Denmark wins international Circular Economy Award

23 1 2015  -  Cleantech

Denmark is no. 1 in the world to drive green transition and make effective use of resources, according to the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders.


Denmark 8th most talent competitive country

22 1 2015  -  Talent

Denmark ranks no. 8 in the INSEAD Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2014. The country is rewarded for the ease of doing business, its ability to grow talent and global knowledge skills.


Innovation Fund Denmark supports young entrepreneurs

21 1 2015  -  Business conditions

Innovation Fund Denmark has selected 40 young entrepreneurs whose business ideas will receive coaching and funding to become growth companies. The idea catalogue includes ergonomic seats, water treatment solutions and special drones for agriculture


Denmark among the world’s leading soft powers

14 1 2015  -  Business conditions

Denmark ranks no. 9 in the Soft Power Index.


New full-scale smart city energy lab in Copenhagen

07 1 2015  -  Research & education

EnergyLab Nordhavn in Copenhagen will become a leading full-scale lab for test and demonstration of how to integrate electricity, heating, energy efficient buildings and electric transport in an intelligent energy system.


Denmark is no. 12 most attractive country for Chinese investments

19 12 2014  -  Business conditions

Denmark is the 12th most attractive country for Chinese investments, according to the China Going Global Investment Index Report published by the Economist Intelligence Unit.


Forbes: Denmark is best country for business 2014

18 12 2014  -  Business conditions

The best country for business in 2014 is Denmark, which ranked no. 1 three straight years between 2008 and 2010.


Denmark tops Web Index 2014-15

16 12 2014  -  ICT and high tech industries

Denmark tops the Web Index 2014-15 by World Wide Web Foundation, ranking top on affordable access to high quality internet infrastructure, as well as investment in the education and skills citizens need to use the Web well.


Denmark leads Climate Change Performance Index 2015

12 12 2014  -  Business conditions

For the third consecutive year, Denmark tops the Climate Change Performance Index table with positive trends in all index categories and with the leading position in the policy sector.


Copenhagen no. 3 in fDi’s Global Cities ranking

10 12 2014  -  Business conditions

Copenhagen is ranked third for its FDI strategy in fDi’s Global Cities of the Future ranking 2014/15 and tops the tables for both human capital and life style in the category Large Cities.


Copenhagen lighting the way to greener, more efficient cities

09 12 2014  -  Business conditions

Aimed at saving money, cutting the use of fossil fuels and easing mobility, a growing wireless network of streetlamps and sensors will help Copenhagen’s 1.2 million citizens meet the city’s ambitious goal of becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025.


Denmark is the least corrupt country in the world

08 12 2014  -  Society and living

For the third time in a row, Denmark occupies the top spot in Transparency International's study of corruption worldwide. No bribery and an open and well-functioning public sector have placed Denmark in the top of the rankings since the first study in 1995.


Shandong Longlive opens R&D centre and European HQ in Copenhagen

04 12 2014  -  Regional setup

Shandong Longlive Bio-technology, producer of 2nd generation bioethanol, opens its first R&D centre outside China in Copenhagen science park Scion DTU. Shandong Longlive has also chosen Copenhagen for its European headquarters, owing to Denmark’s unique zero double taxation rule.


The Fehmarn Belt fixed link to strengthen the transport and logistics sector

02 12 2014  -  Location and infrastructure

The Green STRING Corridor focuses on strengthening the transport and logistics sector in the corridor, covering Southern Sweden, Denmark and Northern Germany, by creating new, innovative transport and logistics solutions across industries and geography.


Copenhagen is the world’s smartest city

25 11 2014  -  Business conditions

Copenhagen wins a World Smart Cities Award for having the world’s best plan for the collection and use of big data to create a greener city and improve the quality of life.


Denmark is sixth best country for entrepreneurs in the world

24 11 2014  -  Business conditions

Denmark takes a sixth place on the Global Entrepreneurship Index 2015, ranking top on factors such as opportunity start-up, human capital, competition and product innovation.


Denmark 2nd best in the world on talent

21 11 2014  -  Talent

Denmark is the second best country in the world on developing, attracting and retaining talent for companies that operate there, according to the IMD World Talent Report 2014. Denmark has consistently ranked no. 2 or 3 since 2005.


Danes are the best non-native English speakers in the world

17 11 2014  -  Society and living

Denmark takes a first place in the new English Proficiency Index 2014 for non-native English speakers ahead of the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Norway.


The Technical University of Denmark is the first Scandinavian university to teach IBM’s AI programme Watson

12 11 2014  -  Research & education

As the only university in Scandinavia, the Technical University of Denmark has been selected by IBM to offer courses in the Artificial Intelligence programme Watson.


Denmark is more export-orientated than its Nordic neighbours

10 11 2014  -  Business conditions

A new analysis ranks Denmark first among the Nordic countries on the ability of providing business conditions for its local companies that enable them to reach the global market.