The UN City is good for business

The strong UN-profile brought about by the new UN-City in the centre of Copenhagen will be good business in Denmark and strengthen Denmark's brand as a sustainable and green country.

"Firstly, we benefit in terms of increased exports, turnover and awareness of Danish industries and companies," Minister for Development Christian Friis Bach says, and adds:

"Secondly, we get a stronger and more powerful UN, which is definitely in the interest of small countries like Denmark. The opportunities in the world for corporate Denmark are closely linked to resolving some of the world's great challenges and conflicts and strengthen democracy."

Green growth
The UN city will also give Denmark a stronger position internationally in green growth and sustainability as the UN city is one of the most energy efficient buildings in Denmark. The city has already received awards for its energy efficiency and has been praised by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon when he visited the in May 2011.

And there are prospects in strengthening Denmark's brand in sustainability and green growth, the minister says.

“The short term prospect is that we can sell something, that we can supply something and that we get a stronger profile when it comes to green growth," Christian Friis Bach says, and adds:

"But then there's also the long term, which regards peace and prosperity in the world and that is exactly what the UN stands for, and we have so much reason to endorse that."

The UN city gathers six UN organisations in Denmark, provides space for about 1,000 employees and will create close to 500 jobs in just a few years. When the second phase of the building process is complete in 2014, another 200-300 UN employees will move in.