Denmark receives international climate award

Denmark receives WWF’s most prestigious award, Gift to the Earth, for inspiring leadership with the world’s most ambitious targets within renewable energy and climate.

WWF recognises the Danish government for having set the world’s most ambitious targets within climate and renewable energy in combination with a long track record of promoting and implementing clean and sustainable energy.

Sustainable Growth
“Denmark has shown that it is possible to develop a sustainable society and at the same time secure economic growth and welfare. Denmark is the trail blazer we need in order to prove that change is possible. Hopefully, other countries will look towards Denmark for inspiration to rise to the urgent challenge of protecting the Earth’s climate,” says Jim Leape, International Director General of WWF.

Gitte Seeberg, CEO of WWF-Denmark, is proud to promote Denmark as a global example of how the climate challenge can be addressed.

“Since the oil crisis in the 1970s, Danish governments have had a strong and long tradition of cooperating on renewable energy and energy efficiency policies. We are thrilled that the present government has taken even further ambitious steps to make Denmark a hundred per cent renewable society by 2050,” she says.