Denmark’s Environment Minister signs green co-operation agreement

Denmark has signed an agreement with South Korea to strengthen the co-operation within environmental technology, writes

Denmark’s Minister for the Environment Ida Auken has signed a green co-operation agreement with the Environment Minister of South Korea, Yoo Young Sook. The agreement will strengthen co-operation between the two countries within water, air and waste technologies.

The current Korean government, led by President Lee Myung-Bak, has given green growth a top priority. As a response to the financial crisis, the government has put focus on green projects, technologies and solutions. Also, DKK 230 billion is being invested in green technology up until 2012 as part of the government’s “Green New Deal”.

Will strengthen co-operation
The Danish government estimates that South Korea's green growth plan provides a big potential for co-operation between the two countries and intends to strengthen the green technology opportunities for Danish companies in South Korea.

"We must ensure that Danish companies play a role in the South Korean domestic market. Although South Koreans are more advanced in some fields, we have plenty of environmental solutions they can benefit from. The co-operation agreement is a good foundation from which we’ll work to establish concrete environmental projects with Korea” says Ida Auken.

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