Copenhagen Capacity: Denmark needs more Chinese investments

In a debate contribution in Danish daily newspaper Børsen, Copenhagen Capacity's chairman of the board Peter Højland explains the importance of a Danish long-term, continuous business policy strategy. Denmark particularly needs to focus efforts on attracting Chinese investments, businesses, tourists and talent to Denmark - rather than primarily aiding initiatives to and in China.

Efforts must be focused around three overall fronts:

Explaining individual business opportunities to the Chinese companies, performing intelligent marketing, and establishing a flexible reception body in Copenhagen.

For Denmark to be of serious interest to Chinese companies and investors, it is not enough to stress Denmark's unique framework conditions, talent pool and know-how within green energy, cleantech, IT and life science. It is vital to draw attention to specific business opportunities and the strong network of partners and decision-makers, Chinese companies will obtain in Denmark.

Also, Denmark’s marketing must be more focused than today. Denmark should be present in selected Chinese regions, cities, markets and sectors and better use network marketing. In China, personal relations are indisputable the most important entry point to decision-makers, and to offer specific business prospects at the right time, businesses, public actors, research institutions, agents and ambassadors must make use of their network and co-operate to identify Chinese stakeholders showing interest in Denmark.

Finally, Denmark must be better geared to welcome Chinese companies and investors, at eye level. In addition to a good infrastructure, including great flight connections, quality schools, and easy interaction with public authorities, we must improve the social framework. Danish culture and custom are so unfamiliar to Chinese expatriates and their families that they feel everything but at home in Denmark.

Copenhagen Capacity advocates for a Chinese reception house, providing advice and start-up packages for business establishment and development, which will also serve as social and cultural meeting place for Chinese newcomers.
Initiating a targeted effort, which Copenhagen Capacity is already engaged in, will contribute significantly to making Denmark and the Capital Region one of the most attractive regions in Europe for Chinese companies, investors and highly skilled employees.