A green Europe is a top priority for Denmark’s EU presidency

On January 1, 2012, the Danish EU presidency began. One of the priorities of the Danish EU Presidency is a green Europe, writes stateofgreen.com

The four main priorities of the Denmark’s EU Presidency within the first half of 2012 are presented here.
The four priorities set out by the Danish Government for the EU Presidency are:

- A responsible Europe
- A dynamic Europe
- A green Europe
- A safe Europe

The Danish Minister for European Affairs, Nicolai Wammen says:

- Parts of Europe have demonstrated economic irresponsibility, which has damaged our joint project. We need more responsibility in Europe. At the moment Europe is dealing with low growth rates and is dropping behind in global competitiveness. We must promote initiatives that can generate a more dynamic Europe. We are experiencing competition from other parts of the World for Europe’s lead position in promoting the environmental area and we must therefore advance the green agenda in Europe.

- Finally, globalization, the increasing pressure on EU borders from migration and international crime calls for an improved effort in order to keep Europe safe. The Danish Presidency will work hard to deliver concrete results in these areas and thereby contributing in bringing the European Union out of the economic crisis and into a future growth-track, he says.