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Were you looking to find materials from the Toolbox at www.talentattractiondenmark.dk?

Talent Attraction Denmark

The Talent Attraction Denmark Toolbox closed down the 1st of July 2018, but don’t despair!! You can still get a hold of the materials through the three project partners below. Just reach out to either one of us and we will be happy to help you.

Work Live Stay

WORK LIVE STAY (Southern Denmark)

Work-live-stay is an association that works to improve South Danish companies' opportunities to attract, receive and maintain highly qualified employees from Denmark and abroad. The free marketing materials continue to live at work-live-stay’s website, where you can continue to collect videos, infographics, articles and more to support your international recruitment and tell the story of life as an expat and employee in Denmark. Do you want to know more? Read more and find the materials here or Contact senior consultant Anette Hutzen Kjær


Senior Consultant
T: +45 2964 5909
Erhverv Aarhus

Erhverv Aarhus / International Community (Central Region)

Erhverv Aarhus / International Community puts internationalization on the agenda locally, regionally and nationally. Aarhus and the region should be lifted to be among the world's most attractive career destinations for international employees and their families. Want to know more about Erhverv Aarhus/International Community? Contact Lars Møller Andersen or read more at here


Communication Consultant
T: +45 8612 7200

Copenhagen Capacity logo grey

Copenhagen Capacity (Capital Region and Region Zealand)

Copenhagen Capacity is the official organisation for investment promotion in Greater Copenhagen. We support foreign talent, companies and investors in identifying job- and business opportunities in Greater Copenhagen by working strategically with international digital place branding. Contact senior talent attraction manager, Merete Sandager  or read more here


Senior Talent Attraction Manager
T: : +45 2692 21277

About the TalentAttractionDenmark project

The Talent Attraction Denmark was a project started in 2013 and funded partly by the Marketing Fund of Denmark and partly from EU Social Funds. The Project was operated jointly by Copenhagen Capacity and International Community /Erhverv Aarhus in close cooperation with work-live-stay Southern Denmark.

The project ended in 2016, and the toolbox was closed down in July 2018

If you have any questions about the project, please contact us.

Talent Attraction Denmark