10 Years of Talent Attraction

Nørregade 7B, 1165 Copenhagen

About the event

Ten years ago, it became obvious Denmark needs international talents to sustain its strong welfare and resilient economy. But back then, multiple agencies and organizations worked separately towards the same goal. That’s when we, at Copenhagen Capacity, took the initiative and orchestrated the national talent attraction efforts, instead of competing against each other.

Ten years later and we have managed to retain more international talent than ever before. We have helped fill thousands of job vacancies and support the growth of Danish businesses.

We want to celebrate this landmark with all those who have contributed to the sucess of Talent attraction to Denmark the past 10 years.

Practical information:

Date: Friday 31 March 2023

Time: 15.00 - 18:00 CET

Venue: Nørregade 7B, ground floor, 1165 Copenhagen. Copenhagen Capacity, Canteen.

Deadline for sign up: 24 March 2023

A tribute to our team and partners

We want to pay a tribute to everyone who have been a part of the Talent attraction & retention team throughout the past 10 years. Furthermore we at Copenhagen Capacity want to acknowledge not only what we have achieved but also what we are working towards and what is moving within the field of talent attraction.

So please join us for celebrations, presentations and a catch up with new and old colleageus and partners.

Copenhagen Capacity's team has done a great effort in international talent attraction.



Nikolaj Lubanski COO | Copenhagen Capacity
Nikolaj Lubanski COO | Copenhagen Capacity
Alexandra Knowles Head of Talent | Copenhagen Capacity
Alexandra Knowles Head of Talent | Copenhagen Capacity
Morten King-Grubert Director | Future Place Leadership
Morten King-Grubert Director | Future Place Leadership
Asbjørn Overgaard CEO | Copenhagen Capacity
Asbjørn Overgaard CEO | Copenhagen Capacity



Location: Canteen


Arrivals and greetings


Location: Canteen


Nikolaj Lubanski


Location: Canteen

10 Years of Talent - Talks

- Where are we at and what are we working towards.

- What is moving with in talent attraction (Best Practices).

- Learnings from the past 10 years.


Location: Canteen

Celebrations + Mingle

Entertainment, drinks & snacks

Join us for the celebration

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Nikolaj Lubanski COO, Copenhagen Capacity
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