Copenhagen named eighth best Global Sports City

Copenhagen has been named 8th best Global Sports City in the Future Global Sports Cities Index 2017 based on evaluation of both past and future sport events. Copenhagen is the only Nordic city in the top 10.

Copenhagen climbs 15 places into 8th in the Future Global Sports Cities Index 2017.

Copenhagen jumps 15 places into eighth in the Future Global Sports Cities Index 2017, following the recent award of the 2021 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships which will mark the 100-year anniversary of the Danish Canoe Federation.

Copenhagen and Aarhus both jump the index

Aarhus in Denmark rises 70 places, up to 67th. The city will host both the 2018 Sailing World Championships and IAAF World Cross Country Championships in 2019.

Aarhus is also the host city of this year’s SportAccord Convention, taking place in April. More than 1,000 organisations, 92 international sport federations and 1,500 key decision makers are present in the city.

London tops the list for the sixth consecutive year, ahead of Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo, Moscow and Doha, the other cities making up the top five this year.

About the Index

The Global Sports Nations and Cities Index is based on in-depth analysis of major multisport games and world championships over a rolling 14-year period, covering seven years in the past, including the current year, and seven years in the future. In total, 86 nations and 621 cities have hosted, or are scheduled to host events during this period.

The GSI Event Ratings are then attributed to the host nations and cities, producing the Global Sports Nations and Cities Index. A time weighting is given, so that events in the current year are worth 100 per cent of the rating value, while events in previous or future years are worth less.

The April 2017 index further increased the number of events analysed with 730 events across 151 categories, in 81 sports, including summer and winter Olympic sports and Olympic ‘recognised’ sports.

See more about the Global Sports Nations and Cities Index here.