Apply for your Danish CPR number online

From 1 June 2017, you can apply for your Danish CPR number online as soon as you have your EU registration certificate or residence permit.

When moving to Denmark, you are legally obliged to apply for a CPR number, which is your personal access number to a range of services in Denmark such as opening a bank account, getting a Danish phone number, taking out insurance, paying taxes and receiving your salary.

Applying for your CPR number has been digitized in Copenhagen Municipality and 31 other municipalities in Greater Copenhagen, and as a result, you have to apply online from 1 June 2017.

CPR stands for Central Person Register, which is the Civil Registration System in Denmark.

How to get your CPR number online

  1. Fill in the application form online.
  2. Book an appointment at the International House Copenhagen.
  3. Bring all relevant documents and pick up your CPR number in person.

Apply for your CPR number online here and read more about criteria and documentation here.