Updated: 24/09-2020

The Danish Growth Fund is ready with products for early entrepreneurs and venture companies


On April 18, 2020, the Government and a unanimous Parliament decided to allocate further DKK 3.4 billion to the early entrepreneurs and venture companies via The Danish Growth Fund (Vækstfonden). The Danish Growth Fund is now ready with a number of products and they can be applied for today.

The updated products from The Danish Growth Fund are designed for companies that do not fit into the relief packages for SME's and large companies which were presented earlier this year. Hopefully, a large part of the entrepreneurs who are affected by the crisis can now get a financial helping hand.

The products are available in The Danish Growth Fund as of today and there are four updated products: Covid-19 Investor Loan, Covid-19 Startup Loan, Covid-19 Business Angel Matching Loan and Covid-19 Syndication Loan. All the products are aimed at early entrepreneurs and ventures affected by the economy as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

The Growth Funds' Products

Graf Vækstfonden Covid-19 pakker_web

Covid-19 Investor Loan 

Startups with revenue stream financed by investors and which could not (before the COVID-19) get financed by banks. 


  • Loss of revenue (from 1/3 2020)
  • Investor(s) have withdrawn their commitments, or the initial capital raising strategy is changed.
  • With the financing, startups need to ensure 12 months operation.

Matching up to: 1:3 ratio 

Loan Size: 1-5.95 million DKK 

More information here: https://vf.dk/en/financing/covid-19-investor-loans/

Covid-19 Start Loan: 

Pre Seed/Seed stage startups that has a commercialised-ready product but does not have VC potential or does not want to include VC's. 


  • No revenue/small revenue stream.
  • Primary startups that have received financing from Innovationsfonden or other program and have been part of an accelerator program, however it is not a must.

Matching up to: 

  • 1:3 Ratio

Loan size: 0.4 - 2million DKK 

More information here: https://vf.dk/en/financing/covid-19-start-loans/

Covid-19 Business Angel Matching Loan  

Startups which is receiving investment from one of Vækstfonden’s approved Business Angels, typical pre-seed or seed stage. 

Matching up to: 

  • 1:3 Ratio (<7.5 million DKK)
  • 1:1 Ration (>7.5 million DKK)

Loan size: 0,25 - 12 million DKK

More information here:

Covid-19 Syndication Loan

Early growth/Growth startups that is receiving investments from one of Vækstfonden’s approved venture investors (VC, Family offices) 

Criteria: Startups needs a venturefund as an investor or a family owned startup.

  • Minimum 100 million DKK under management.

Loan size: 0.25 - 20 million DKK 

Matching up to: 

  • 1:3 Ratio (<7.5 million DKK)
  • 1:1 Ration (>7.5 million DKK)

More information here: