Updated 24/9-2020

Guarantee schemes for SMEs and large companies are available now.

State-guaranteed loaning schemes via The Danish Growth Fund are available to SME's and large companies affected by the effects of COVID-19.

With the two schemes, the State will provide a guarantee of 80% via The Danish Growth Fund (the Danish state's investment fund) for new bank loans to companies which have suffered or expect to suffer a revenue loss of at least 30% as a result of COVID-19.

We are in an absolutely extraordinary situation, and in the government we are doing everything we can to help the business community and support the companies in retaining Danish jobs. With this scheme, a smaller tour operator or the local clothing store, which is currently experiencing a dramatic drop in sales, can be helped by getting a loan through this scheme with the bank and keeping its head above water

Simon Kollerup, Minister of Economic and Business Affairs 

Schemes for SME's and large companies

The scheme for SME's can support lending to small and medium-sized enterprises for up to DKK 25 billion.

In addition, the scheme for large companies (250+ employees) can support lending for up to DKK 35,7 billion.

The schemes are valid until December 31, 2020 and they also apply to Faroese and Greenlandic companies.

The deadline for applying to the schemes is December 15, 2020.

Please note: Companies who want to apply for a guarantee through The Danish Growth Fund must contact their bank.

Read more about the two schemes on The Danish Growth Fund's website.

More information

Companies and organisations can get more information on www.virksomhedsguiden.dk. 

For more on hotlines and who to contact for crisis consultancy please see here.

Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs
The Danish Growth Fund