The Danish Health Authorities has developed a mobile exposure app to prevent and control the spread of Covid-19, and the app is now available in English.

It is crucial to stop the spread of the infectious Covid-19 virus in society. Therefore, Danish Health Authorities have created an app named “Smittestop” that can help people living in Denmark break the infection chains, and it is now available in English.

The app is a digital supplement to other initiatives that assist the control of dissemination. It contains a tracking feature that, when turned on, gives you a notification if you have been close to a person infected with Covid-19 and allows you to notify other people that you have been in the proximity of if you have tested positive with Covid-19. Furthermore, the app also contains advice on hygiene, self-isolation, public distance, and more related information.

The Danish authorities urge everyone living in Denmark to download and activate the app, as it has proven to be an efficient tool to stop and control the spread of Covid-19. It is entirely voluntarily to download the app, but more users will increase the efficiency and stop more infection chains. Download the app in App Store or Google Play. and read more about the app in English on 


Stay safe and healthy!