The YGAccelerator is an exclusive, transformative personal development programme specially designed for Youth Goodwill Ambassadors by The Inventor Advisory Service & the Mindset Trainers at the Danish Technological Institute.

The aim of the programme is to offer a selected crowd of 15 YGA’s a transformative learning program that:

  • Strengthens YOUR capability to work with development, validation and commercialization of ideas – both personally and professionally.'
  • Builds, gears and improves YOUR entrepreneurial mindset and capacity.

The program seeks to strengthen your ability to identity relevant problems and to experiment with different solution models that match real life customers. We want to empower your practical skillset for effectively developing, validating and commercializing ideas and provide you with a solid understanding of value creation, market needs and business models.

We do not just want you to think outside the box, we want you to be the game-changer who acts outside the box. To become that, we will introduce you to new tools and methodologies that you can use in your future career regardless of your background and desired career path, and you will also be involved in collaborative learning and development processes enhancing your ability to positively work with and contribute to other peoples’ ideas.

Format & Schedule

The YGAccelerator is a 7 week programme comprised of 4 on-site sessions and a series of follow-up calls. It will take place in March/April 2018. During the 4 sessions, the you will go through hands-on training and take an idea from early idea stage into a tangible, real life market test. There will be a strong focus on developing the entrepreneurial your mindset and while participants some might enroll in the program with a specific business idea or an aspiration to serve a specific need, this idea or need is not the key focus of acceleration. 

Application Process & Entry Requirements

You have to apply to take part in the YGAccelerator, and the application link opens below here in December 2017. 

You don't need to have a specific idea to be part of the program - we will do some match-making magic and tie you up with a team of other like-minded adventurers, who you can work on an idea with. If you are already in a team or group, feel free to sign up together as a team. 

We expect you to take active part in all planned activities – in return, we will do everything we can to push and inspire you.

Please note, that the content and the structure of the programme is still being developed - we reserve the right to make minor changes to it.