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Study in Denmark - a great opportunity for the youth

12 Jun 2015  -  Study in Denmark

Claudia and Alice are studying at the University of Copenhagen. Alice studies a degree in geoinformatics and Claudia has tied her future to pharmacy. Both belong to the prestigious organization supporting young talents Youth Goodwill Ambassadors of Denmark.

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YGA conference 2015

Resident of Laupheim in a discussion with Danish Prince

11 Jun 2015  -  Study in Denmark

Youth Goodwill Ambassador of Denmark Lisa Schellhorn from Laupheim had the chance to discuss with the Danish Prince Joachim at the recent national conference.

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Why not try your luck in the happiest country in the world?

24 May 2015  -  Study in Denmark

Youth Goodwill Ambassadors Claudia Strasko and Alice Kołoszyc talk about studying and living in Denmark.

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Prince of Denmark encourages Chinese students to settle in Denmark

04 May 2015  -  Study in Denmark

The Danish Prince Joachim personally met with the Youth Goodwill Ambassadors of Denmark at Frederiksberg Castle in Copenhagen to discuss how to balance academic and life, public diplomacy and international affairs and other hot issues, and to encourage international students to settle in Denmark after graduation.

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Meeting Prince Joachim

Singapore student shares study abroad experiences with Royal Danish Prince

28 Apr 2015  -  Press

Singaporean student Priscilla Seah was given an opportunity of a lifetime to meet a prince. But it had nothing to do with romance. Rather, more pertinent issues such as public diplomacy and international affairs were addressed.

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attention company challenge

Attention hosts a Company Challenge for 15 international talents

13 Apr 2015  -  Work in Denmark

15 young talents from several different countries visited Attention for a meeting on export markets and cultural understanding.

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Alex Berger

Discover your true self

07 Feb 2015  -  Study in Denmark

Our Youth Goodwill Ambassador Alex Berger talks on why people should study abroad and simultaneously shares his own study abroad story from Denmark.

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Alex Berger

Five Danish life lessons for you and me

24 Aug 2014  -  Life in Denmark

After 3 years living and working with the Danes, what insights and life lessons has Youth Goodwill Ambassador Alex Berger learned?

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