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All Danish universities now a part of Youth Goodwill Ambassador community

22 Jul 2016  -  Study in Denmark

We are very pleased and proud to announce that as of the 2016-2017 YGA year, all Danish universities will now be offering the programme to new international students.

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YGA Bhaskar Mitra wins Venture Cup Social Media Award

21 Jul 2016  -  Work in Denmark

YGA student and PhD candidate Bhaskar Mitra from the department of Food Science at the University of Copenhagen won the Venture Cup Social Media Award.

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YGA Harshit Tripathi's work week at Maersk Maritime Technology

07 Jun 2016  -  Work in Denmark

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work for the large Danish cooperation Maersk Group? Our YGA Harshit Tripathi does not have to dream about it any longer, as he was recently employed there - but if you are still curious you can read Students@Maersk's interview with him right here.

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YGAs are in the finals of L'Oreal’s Brandstorm 2016

03 Jun 2016  -  Study in Denmark

Three of our 2015 YGAs from Aarhus BSS are heading to Paris for the grand final of L'Oreal’s Brandstorm 2016 as they just won the Nordic finals.

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Branding international talent in Denmark across 4 continents

12 May 2016  -  Press

Over 30 stories from international talents in Denmark published globally as a response to International Talent Conference 2016.

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International Talent Conference 2016 at COWI

27 Apr 2016  -  Work in Denmark

More than half of Danish companies are missing skilled labour, according to a new analysis from Copenhagen Capacity.

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Netcompany - Company Challenge

Netcompany - Company Challenge

29 Feb 2016  -  Work in Denmark

On Friday 26th of February, 13 students from our Youth Goodwill Ambassador Programme and the Greater Copenhagen Career Programme had the chance to meet and mingle with representatives from Netcompany, an impressive and fast growing IT company located in near Kastellet, in the heart of Copenhagen.

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A warm welcome to our new intern, Ella!

15 Feb 2016  -  Work in Denmark

The YGA team is happy to introduce you to our new full-time intern: Ella Phoebe Cooper! A true international who chose Copenhagen over Paris when she decided where to study her Master’s degree – a wise women indeed :)

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We need more scholarship for internationals

11 Feb 2016  -  Study in Denmark

I heard right now there are many universities limit the amount of scholarship that they are giving for students. Heartbreaking. I know.

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My encounter with Denmark

29 Jan 2016  -  Study in Denmark

Early this year, Prashansa's best friend suggested her to apply for DTU as she had just completed her PhD and was starting her Post-doc there. In her article, Prashansa talks about her first impressions from when she landed in Denmark.

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YGA Ghina

Why Denmark?

23 Oct 2015  -  Study in Denmark

Ghina joined the Youth Goodwill Ambassador Programme in September 2015. In her post she shares her story of how she decided to follow her dreams and moved to Denmark to study at Aarhus University.

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Anna and Chris

Good working environment and rich urban culture to retain talent in Denmark

30 Sep 2015  -  Press

A new initiative has just been granted DKK 29 million to attract and retain foreign students in Denmark.

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Anna Queralt

Berlingske Business interviews Youth Goodwill Ambassador Anna Queralt

30 Sep 2015  -  Press

Anna Queralt is 25 years old and came to Denmark from Spain. She studies Master of Engineering in Sustainable Cities at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. It is Denmark's green profile that appeals to Anna Queralt who has positively surprised by the the Danish education system - this is why she decided to stay.

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Christopher Nicolas Müller

Berlingske Business interviews Youth Goodwill Ambassador Christopher Nicolas Müller

30 Sep 2015  -  Press

Christopher Nicolas Müller is 23 years old and comes from Germany. He studies Business and Development Studies at Copenhagen Business School. Christopher prioritises the perfect study and job opportunities over the geographical location. Culture and values also matter a lot to this idealist German.

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copenhagen lakes

5 things to do when you arrive in Copenhagen

07 Sep 2015  -  Life in Denmark

Being new in Copenhagen ourselves, we thought about sharing some of the things we found interesting and useful after moving to the capital. We hope these will make your life as a student here at least a little bit easier.

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Biking copenhagen

10 life lessons I learned in Denmark

25 Aug 2015  -  Life in Denmark

Pamela Leiva Jacquelín joined the Youth Goodwill Ambassador Programme a year ago and has since been very active not only as a master’s student at the Danish School of Media and Journalism. She recently shared some of the most valuable takeaways from her stay in Denmark.

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Study in Denmark - a great opportunity for the youth

12 Jun 2015  -  Study in Denmark

Claudia and Alice are studying at the University of Copenhagen. Alice studies a degree in geoinformatics and Claudia has tied her future to pharmacy. Both belong to the prestigious organization supporting young talents Youth Goodwill Ambassadors of Denmark.

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YGA conference 2015

Resident of Laupheim in a discussion with Danish Prince

11 Jun 2015  -  Study in Denmark

Youth Goodwill Ambassador of Denmark Lisa Schellhorn from Laupheim had the chance to discuss with the Danish Prince Joachim at the recent national conference.

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Why not try your luck in the happiest country in the world?

24 May 2015  -  Study in Denmark

Youth Goodwill Ambassadors Claudia Strasko and Alice Kołoszyc talk about studying and living in Denmark.

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Prince of Denmark encourages Chinese students to settle in Denmark

04 May 2015  -  Study in Denmark

The Danish Prince Joachim personally met with the Youth Goodwill Ambassadors of Denmark at Frederiksberg Castle in Copenhagen to discuss how to balance academic and life, public diplomacy and international affairs and other hot issues, and to encourage international students to settle in Denmark after graduation.

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