Singapore student shares study abroad experiences with Royal Danish Prince

Singaporean student Priscilla Seah was given an opportunity of a lifetime to meet a prince. But it had nothing to do with romance. Rather, more pertinent issues such as public diplomacy and international affairs were addressed.

The 22-year-old was among a group of young, international talents who met the prince of Denmark, Prince Joachim at Frederikserg Palace in Copenhagen on Saturday.

In the open dialogue, Ms Seah – who is a member of the Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps – shared with Prince Joachim her study abroad experiences, study and work-life balance, public diplomacy and international affairs.

“It was an absolute honour to meet His Royal Highness Prince Joachim in person. Just like me, he has lived, studied and worked abroad.

“It speaks volumes about Denmark being a low-hierarchy that I, as a student, in a very informal environment, can speak to a member of the Royal family, who not only showed real interest in my story, but also how Singapore and Denmark can value-add to each other”, said Ms Seah.

The Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps is a group of 500 young international people using their student network to create bilateral student mobility opportunities and global careers while studying in Denmark.

At the summit, active discussion centered on how Denmark and the respective home countries of the attending international students can work together, said Ms Seah.

While attending the summit, Prince Joachim commented: “By working closely with our youth ambassadors, we are connecting Denmark with the home countries of our youth ambassadors on a people to people level, which already is showing great results.”

Mr Nikolaj Lubanski, director of talent at Copenhagen Capacity, which is the founder of the Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps, said that working closely with international students allows Denmark to connect with the home countries of the youth ambassadors.

“In today’s global economy, highly qualified and skilled labour is crucial for international competitiveness, innovation and entrepreneurship.

“By working closely with international students, we are connecting Denmark with the home countries of our youth ambassadors on a people to people level, thereby creating a lot of bilateral business opportunities for both countries in question,” said Mr Lubanski.

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