Netcompany - Company Challenge

On Friday 26th of February, 13 students from our Youth Goodwill Ambassador Programme and the Greater Copenhagen Career Programme had the chance to meet and mingle with representatives from Netcompany, an impressive and fast growing IT company located in near Kastellet, in the heart of Copenhagen.

The event was part of the Copenhagen Capacity’s Company Challenge initiative – where we organise for companies who have open positions to meet bright international talent who are interested in learning about Danish companies.

During the evening, Netcompany gave participants the chance to show their skills and abilities by working together on solving examples of real company cases. The cases were then discussed in a round-table manner, so that everyone had the chance to give their feedback on solutions, including the company’s representatives. Netcompany also presented the participants with information about what they do, the company culture, and an introduction to positions currently open within the company.

One student said of this exercise, “the fact that we worked on a real case, gave me an insight into what it takes to work in the company,” and that they “now have a better understanding of how a person's career typically progresses as they work within IT and consulting.”

Following all the hard work, the participants were invited to a nearby restaurant which allowed for more informal discussions about daily life at Netcompany to take place in a cosy social environment and made an ideal space for networking between students and company representatives.

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We wish all the participants the very best of luck with their job applications! 

Netcompany - Company Challenge