International Talent Conference 2016 at COWI

More than half of Danish companies are missing skilled labour, according to a new analysis from Copenhagen Capacity.

In the new study, over half of Danish companies answered that they have experienced a high or very high gap in competences because of a lack of qualified employees within the last 12 months.

"It is serious, that so many companies find that the qualified employees they need are not available. The alternative is to decrease growth. It is therefore crucial that we can retain skilled international talents from Danish universities, who are already in the country," says Claus Lønborg, CEO of Copenhagen Capacity.

On April 2nd, Copenhagen Capacity held the International Talent Conference with Microsoft, Novo Nordisk, Maersk, Coloplast, Grundfos and COWI as well as 170 international students studying in Denmark. The purpose of the conference was to match these companies with highly educated international students. HRH Prince Joachim was also there on the day to support the students. All six companies are looking for international talents and used the conference to market job opportunities and strengthen their brand as an employer.

"We are there because it is a great opportunity - it is the cream of the crop, young people with an international background who have chosen to come to Denmark to study and perhaps longer. This hope we have as a company that they feel like. We see an immediate opportunity in that if students know Microsoft as one of the international companies that are in Denmark, so it might contribute to the thinking of Denmark longer term,” says Charlotte Mark, CEO of Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen.


About the study:
The study was conducted by researchers from Copenhagen Business School up to talent Conference. Data collected in the period from mid October 2015 to mid-January 2016. A total of 179 companies responded to the survey.