Good working environment and rich urban culture to retain talent in Denmark

A new initiative has just been granted DKK 29 million to attract and retain foreign students in Denmark.

According to the Confederation of Danish Industry, Denmark will be missing 13,000 highly-skilled people in 10 years. It will mainly be engineers and others with a scientific education, but also skilled electricians and blacksmiths.

To address the problem, Copenhagen Capacity has just received a grant of DKK 29 million to attract and retain mainly foreign students and recent graduates in Denmark to work.

"It's a little strange situation. Although there is a slight recovery in the enrollment in science education, companies cannot wait until the new students will graduate. They are missing people already now and the problem will only increase in the coming years. We have no guarantee that the Danish youth will have the 'right' skills in the future," says Claus Lønborg, CEO of Copenhagen Capacity.

The project is called 'Greater Copenhagen Talent Attraction' and consists of a number of initiatives where some are focused on attracting foreign talent and others on retaining the foreign students already in Denmark.

Each year, 11,000 foreign students enrol at Danish universities and the plan is that by the means of specific initiatives, such as career counselling and matchmaking with Danish companies, the project will help to retain students and get them to work in Denmark. The goal is that 400 international talents will move to Denmark in 2018.

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