Berlingske Business interviews Youth Goodwill Ambassador Anna Queralt

Anna Queralt is 25 years old and came to Denmark from Spain. She studies Master of Engineering in Sustainable Cities at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. It is Denmark's green profile that appeals to Anna Queralt who has positively surprised by the the Danish education system - this is why she decided to stay.

What made you decide to study in Denmark?

"I knew nothing about Denmark before I came here as an exchange student, but the older students recommended it to me. I had major problems with all the different formalities compared to my university in Barcelona ​​but when I went to my supervisor here, she said to me, "Anna, there's nothing we have not been able to solve before." Since then, I have felt that I belong here. Denmark is as a country also very committed to sustainability and this is what I want to focus my career on."

What do you find attractive on Denmark?

"I had a good job in Barcelona where I developed my skills, but for me it is important that I'm passionate about the things I do and here there are many opportunities to find a job where you can have a good feeling in the stomach every morning. The weather is on the other side something of a minus, but I believe that it is worth it."

Read the original article by Kirstine Benedicta Lauritzen and Astrid Ildor here.