A warm welcome to our new intern, Ella!

The YGA team is happy to introduce you to our new full-time intern: Ella Phoebe Cooper! A true international who chose Copenhagen over Paris when she decided where to study her Master’s degree – a wise women indeed :)

Ella has recently graduated her Master of Arts in Applied Cultural Analysis from the University of Copenhagen and has a bachelor in Global Communications from Paris. She grew up in Melbourne, Australia and moved to Europe eight years ago. For most of that time she has lived in Paris, where she met her boyfriend. Now they live together in Østerbro.

In the winter, Ella enjoys skiing in France, and in summer she is learning to sail at Hellerup Sejlklub.

Ella’s tasks at the YGA secretariat will be searching for Danish companies who are looking for international talent along with day to day communication and administration.

The talent team are more than happy to have Ella onboard, and she is looking forward to getting to you know you all!