E2E Workshop #3: Interviewing for a job in Denmark

Getting a job in Denmark can be a challenge if you don’t know all the codes and the expectations of the Danish employees. The Danish Labour market is probably very different from what you are used to in some ways, especially in the small and medium sized companies still making up the vast majority of Danish industry.

In this presentation, Dennis Nørmark, will teach you how to you sell yourself to a Danish company, what they generally emphasize and how you make it to, and through, the job interview. You will also learn why Danes employers might ask you questions that you would probably find highly inappropriate in your home country and how they generally see the relationship between employees and their employers.

 On top of this, you will have the chance to exchange views and experiences with many others who are either trying to, or have at some point successfully entered, the Danish job market. 

 Dennis Nørmark, has been assisting companies and organizations for the last 10 years with the cultural differences than can potentially block efficient cooperation and prevent companies from achieving their goals. Dennis has developed a special expertise in the peculiarities of Danish culture, both targeting foreigners who work in Danish companies, or with Danish management, and the Danes themselves, who are often not aware of their own cultural blind spots.

 We will end the session with social networking and there will be light refreshments at the event.

 Transportation for those living outside of Copenhagen will be covered by Copenhagen Capacity upon a hand in of a receipt or tickets to kcs@copcap.com. Please do this no later than 7 days after the event.

 Note the no-show fee of DKK 200 if you sign up but do not show up.

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