Ready to be tested?

As part of the recruiting process, many companies are using personality and ability tests in selecting the best candidate for the job. Therefore, by attending this workshop, you will get a glimpse in how companies uses tests as a part of their recruiting process. 

Many applicants are experiencing testing during recruitment as a selection tool to match the applicants with the company. The personality tests may vary, depending on the intended purpose and desired outcome.

However, as a student and soon to be graduate, you can be placed in a situation where your personality, behavior and cognitive skills can be tested in a job-related matter – but what can you expect from these tests? What is a good result? Can you prepare yourself before a test, and how?

Your benefits at the workshop:

The workshop will strengthen your skills regarding tests through different exercises, and thereby you will be well-prepared when it is your turn to be tested.

Target group:

This workshop is for all students who want to improve their knowledge about tests and know how to prepare and what to expect when tests are used as part of the recruitment process.


The workshop is presented by Lars Ulrik Jeppesen. 


Registration will close: 
April 18, 2018 12:00