Career night #1: Working and living with the Danes

Unlocking the peculiarities of the Danish values and norms can be a challenge for many internationals living and working with the Danes, and this is what author, Denis Nørmark, will help us do during this firs YGA Career Night.

In a broad range of cultural research, Danes usually come out at the extreme end. They disrespect authority, they have high trust in strangers and a lack of interest in things such as honour and face. Combined with their own unique focus on honesty and autonomy, this often creates challenges for Danes and internationals working together. Such cultural differences are seldom understood, explained and reflected on and at this event, Dennis Nørmark talk about how you can unlock some of the peculiarities of the Danish values and norms.

Dennis Nørmark, has been assisting companies and organizations for the last 10 years with unlocking the cultural differences that can potentially block efficient cooperation and prevent companies from achieving their goals.


16:30-16:45    Arrival and Registration

16:45-18:00    Workshop part #1 by Dennis Nørmark

18:00-18:30    Sandwiches and Sodas

18:30-19:45    Workshop part #2 by Dennis Nørmark 

19:45-20:00    Lightning talk by Desk Research Group – a start-up founded by YGA alumni, Valentinas Civinskas

Please sign up for the event below. Bus and train tickets  for those living outside of Copenhagen will be covered by Copenhagen Capacity upon a hand in of a receipt or tickets to Please do this no later than 7 days after the event. OBS: Accommodation will not be covered.

Note the no-show fee of DKK 200 if you sign up but do not show up.