Match My Thesis

Match My Thesis believes that great students are driven by great challenges. Therefore, their mission is to connect university students with companies to engage them in challenging real-life projects as a part of their thesis, internship or a semester project.

How does it work?

Match My Thesis is an online platform and a facilitator between students and the business world. By naming your preferred project topics on their platform, you can get contacted by them or their client companies in Europe with exciting project opportunities based on your profile and interest areas. It is absolutely free for students. Many collaborations end up in top grades, monetary bonuses and potential future employment.

Match My Thesis have already facilitated over 100 successful student-company collaborations involving many international students from Germany, US, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Latvia, etc. The companies that students did projects with range from well-known multinationals like Maersk, Grundfoss, Coloplast, CSC or TDC to local start-ups like Fluidan, Snowminds, Aquaporin or L-print. Read more about successful project examples here.

What does this mean for you as a YGA?

This year Match My Thesis have a lot of Engineering, IT, Business & Natural Science projects in their pipeline. This means a lot of opportunities for you to test your knowledge and gain invaluable industry experience before finishing your studies. Visit and fill out your interest form today to receive relevant offers for next semester.