Youth Goodwill Ambassador Programme

The Youth Goodwill Ambassador Programme provides unique career counselling to its global member community, consisting of more than 800 international talents from over 70 countries.

The Youth Goodwill Ambassador Programme helps international students gain insights into the Danish labour market and working culture and provides professional tools to help students find student jobs, internships and full-time positions in Denmark.

Join a community of young international talents in Denmark

The Youth Goodwill Ambassador Programme has been established to address the need for highly educated, young international talent in Danish businesses. The Youth Goodwill Ambassador Programme aims to help international full-degree students from Danish universities find full-time employment with Danish companies and organisations after completing their studies. The Youth Goodwill Ambassador Programme is a global network of over 800 talented international students from more than 70 countries worldwide. All network members are studying, or have studied in Denmark.

What’s in it for you?

While studying in Denmark, as a Youth Goodwill Ambassador you would have the opportunity to take part in a career development programme that provides them with the professional tools and network to assist you to find your first job in Denmark.

  • The opportunity to learn about Danish companies and meet them during match-making events
  • Become aware of job opportunities from companies specifically looking for international talent
  • Join an online community where you will be among the first to find out about new job opportunities for international students in Denmark
  • Participate in two international conferences during the year that are specifically designed for YGA participants to meet Danish companies and get advice on and inspiration for a career in Denmark
  • Enhance your possibilities of being hired upon completion of your studies
  • Become part of an international talent pool of candidates so that Danish companies can find you
  • Learn about personal branding

A fun network that preps you for a job in Denmark

Being a Youth Goodwill Ambassador to Denmark means that you will become a part of an exciting network of international students in Denmark. It also means that we will help you become ready for and more attractive to the Danish job market. We will do so through local career development events at your university & nation-wide conferences. You will receive a diploma when you have completed the one-year programme.

Who are the organisers?

The Youth Goodwill Ambassador Programme is administered by Copenhagen Capacity in collaboration with the eight partner universities; Aalborg University, Aarhus University, Copenhagen Business School, Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, IT University of Copenhagen, Roskilde University and University of Southern Denmark.

The national programme activities such as national conferences and Company Challenge events are managed by Copenhagen Capacity, while each university manages its own local activities. Here are some of the companies we collaborate with.