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Export figures bode well for Danish economy

28 Feb 2012  -  Economy

Despite the financial crisis in the Southern European countries, Danish exports are doing extremely well, writes the Politiken daily newspaper

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Danish research leads to artificial protein

27 Feb 2012  -  Life Science

An artificial protein created by Danish researchers together with a team of international scientists is a tremendous discovery for stem cell research, according to the ingeniø website

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The largest solar cell system in the North resides in Denmark

24 Feb 2012  -  Cleantech

The largest solar cell facility in Northern Europe has just been completed and is located in the town of Virum in Denmark, according to the ingeniø website

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New initiative brings companies and students together

20 Feb 2012  -  Companies

University students and recent graduates from the University of Southern Denmark are teaming up with SMEs in the region to cooperate on innovation and enhance communication between the educational sphere and the private sector

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Danish research acknowledged

19 Feb 2012  -  Research & education

Five of Denmark’s most talented researchers have received the Elite Research Grant of DKK 1.2 million to continue their projects, writes the Politiken daily newspaper

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Growth is underway

18 Feb 2012  -  Economy

Several indications point towards improvements in the Danish economy, writes the Berlingske Tidende daily newspaper.

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BGI from China opens Genome Research Center in Copenhagen

17 Feb 2012  -  Life Science

BGI, the world’s largest genomics organization, opened on February 10th its first European Genome Research Center located in Copenhagen Bio Science Park (COBIS)

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Record year for the Copenhagen Metro

14 Feb 2012  -  Location and infrastructure

Copenhageners are happy with their underground railway. In 2011, 54.3 million passengers rode the metro. This is a record and an increase of almost two million passengers in a year, writes the Danish daily newspaper, Politiken.

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Record high Danish currency reserve

10 Feb 2012  -  Economy

The Danish currency reserve is at a historically high level which is an indication of strength to the global markets, writes the Jyllands-Posten daily newspaper.

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Grants increase amount of Danish exchange students

09 Feb 2012  -  Research & education

Scholarships and financial aids encourage Danish students to complete part of their education in foreign nations

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Cleantech and business goes hand in hand

08 Feb 2012  -  Cleantech

The stubborn Danish tradition of implementing a green mindset in the development of technology has had a significant impact for Danish cleantech ideas’ international potential and success

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Danish companies are in excellent shape

07 Feb 2012  -  Companies

In the shade of the recession, Danish companies have cost-saved and optimized their way to progress. Annual statements will reveal an expected high income for the majority of enterprises.

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Gathering in Copenhagen: The EU is one step closer to world's largest research programme

06 Feb 2012  -  Society and living

EU Commissioners and research and innovation ministers from across the EU have gathered in Copenhagen for two days of intensive discussions and workshops that will pave the way for the world's largest research programme, Horizon 2020, writes the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education.

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The Economist: Denmark number one in attracting talent

04 Feb 2012  -  Economy

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New initiative to help Danish entrepreneurs

03 Feb 2012  -  Economy

An initiative with the catchy name of Fablab is opening in Copenhagen. It will aid Danish entrepreneurs in their quest to construct prototypes.

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The Capital Region of Denmark enters into a strong new cultural collaboration

27 Jan 2012  -  Regional setup

For the first time, a cultural agreement has been signed between the region, the municipalities and the government, according to a press release issued by the Capital Region of Denmark.

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Karlslunde-virksomhed tager arbejdspladser for næsen af Indien

25 Jan 2012  -  Danske Nyheder

Vi hører det gang på gang – virksomheder outsourcer produktion til lavtlønslande. Men DNP Denmark ville det anderledes og har trukket produktion til Danmark, og 72 medarbejdere er siden 2010 blevet til 94 lokale arbejdspladser.

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OECD og Copenhagen Capacity sammen om grøn jobskabelse og vækst i København

25 Jan 2012  -  Danske Nyheder

OECD og Copenhagen Capacity inviterede 50 danske og udenlandske eksperter til den første internationale workshop om grøn jobskabelse og vækst i København.

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Copenhagen Capacity møder 18.000 fra byggebranchen på MIPIM

25 Jan 2012  -  Danske Nyheder

MIPIM-messen er verdens største netværksbegivenhed for bygge- og ejen¬domsbranchen og stedet at blive set og hørt, når vigtige internationale netværk mellem developers og entreprenører skal skabes. For 17. år i træk står Copenhagen Capacity og samarbejdspartnere klar på MIPIM til at stille skarpt på mulighederne i Øresundsregionen og sætte København på verdenskortet.

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International Citizen Service Centre - get off to a good start in Denmark

25 Jan 2012  -  Society and living

'The contact with the Danish authorities must be as easy as possible for the foreign employee and for Danish companies that employ foreign employees.'

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