Denmark is the fourth most digital country in Europe

Denmark ranks fourth out of the 28 EU Member States in the Digital Economy and Society Index 2019. Denmark improved its score in all dimensions, making most progress in integrating digital technology by businesses.

Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark and the United Kingdom make up the top five in this year’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) by the European Commission.

Denmark made most progress in integrating digital technology by businesses, retaining last year’s fourth position, and ranked first in the use of internet services.

Best for broadband and citizens’ use of internet services

Denmark became the leader in the connectivity dimension. Since last year, Denmark has climbed to the first spot in terms of deployment of broadband infrastructure and its quality. Especially use of ultrafast broadband has increased.

Denmark also remains the country in Europe where citizens use the most internet services.

“Banking and shopping online are very popular among Danes who use internet, and Denmark scores well above the EU average”

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Companies in Denmark are digital

The use of digital technologies in companies in Denmark is progressing rapidly, where especially small and medium-sized enterprises are increasing their online presence and share of online sales.

“Denmark provides top-class digital services for businesses, which places the country first among EU Member States”

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National AI strategy

In 2019, the Danish government launched its National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence. With the strategy, Denmark aims to provide a common ethical and human centric foundation for AI as well as a set of goals for using AI within the public, private and research sector.

Digital across business and public services

The Index ranks according to five digital dimensions:

  • Connectivity – the deployment of broadband infrastructure and its quality
  • Human capital / digital skills – the skills needed to take advantage of the possibilities offered by a digital society
  • Citizen use of Internet – the variety of activities performed by citizens already online such as banking, shopping, video calls and consumption of online content
  • Integration of digital technology by businesses – the digitization of business and e-commerce
  • Digital public services – the digitisation of public services, focusing on eGovernment and eHealth, leading to efficiency gains for the public administration, citizens and businesses

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