Beckhoff Automation awarded German Company of the Year

Beckhoff Automation is named German Company of the Year 2019. The award recognises a German company who has contributed to growth and development in Denmark and is awarded by the Danish-German Chamber of Commerce, Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Denmark.

This year’s winner of the German Company of the Year Award, Beckhoff Automation, has shown impressive growth.

In 2018, the company increased its revenue by 51 percent, and its innovative automation and IoT solutions contribute to making the Danish machine industry even more competitive. For these reasons, a united jury pointed out Beckhoff Automation, surpassing finalists Danren Bogdol and Grenke Leasing as well as many other applicants.

“Germany is Denmark’s most important trading partner. German companies bring competences, innovation and investments which are very important for Denmark – and Denmark has a lot to offer German companies. Therefore, it makes great sense to pay tribute to Danish-German business relations with this award”

separator- Claus Lønborg, CEO, Copenhagen Capacity

Good to be German in Denmark

CEO of Beckhoff Automation, Michael Nielsen, credits his employees at Beckhoff Denmark for the nomination:

“I dedicate this award to Beckhoff’s employees. We began business in Denmark 15 years ago, and though the decency, quality and timely care which characterises German companies resonates well in Denmark, our results also required hard work – and I thank each and every employee of Beckhoff for making the company a success”

separator- Michael Nielsen, CEO, Beckhoff Automation

Danish and German know-how creates growth

It is the fourth time the title German Company of the Year is awarded, and as usual the event received a lot of attention.

“We had to choose between three really strong finalists; Beckhoff Automation, Danren Bogdol and Grenke Leasing. All three companies are good examples of how innovation and a high level of ambition can create success in Denmark. The companies combine Danish and German know-how, which creates value, new opportunities and growth”

separator- Reiner Perau, CEO, Danish-German Chamber of Commerce

Showcase for building automation

Beckhoff Automation will continue its investments in Denmark. In the coming 12 months, Beckhoff will hire more employees and build a large domicile in Kolding. The building will be smart from top to bottom, enabling Beckhoff to demonstrate its latest building automation solutions in practice.

“Beckhoff Automation is a family-owned company who implements open automation systems based on PC Control technology. The company has grown significantly within both sales and employees since they entered the Danish market. The company is very innovative and thereby helps Danish companies to become more competitive. By being a supplier to both German and Danish companies, Beckhoff Automation contributes to both Danish and German exports”

separator- Hans Peter Kay, commercial director of Invest in Denmark

German Company of the Year in short

The title German Company of the Year is awarded to a German company in Denmark who has impacted the Danish business community positively by fulfilling at least one of the following criteria; extraordinary growth, innovation in the Danish market, or remarkable investments. With the award, the Danish-German Chamber of Commerce focuses on German investments in Denmark and their contribution in terms of jobs, investments, knowledge and innovation.

The jury consisted of Philipp Schröder, professor at Aarhus University, Lykke Friis, Vice-Chancellor of Copenhagen University, and Nicolas Dumoulin, General Manager of Boehringer Ingelheim Denmark, representing last year’s winner.

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