New fintech accelerator to attract international startups to Denmark

Denmark has launched a new fintech accelerator, which is the first accelerator in the Nordics aiming to attract global talent and startups to the Nordic fintech ecosystem.

The new Copenhagen Fintech Accelerator is initiated by Copenhagen FinTech, Accelerace and The Danish Industry Foundation, which has donated more than DKK one million over the next 2.5 years, and is backed by two of Denmark's leading financial institutions Nykredit and Danske Bank.

“Industry boundaries are eroding, and skills and technologies are transcending businesses. Digitisation affects all companies, and artificial intelligence, machine learning and data processing are increasingly relevant in Danish business. Fintech companies are early adopters, and much of this technology will also play an important role in other industries. This is why we want to attract talent and startups who are skilled in these areas”

separator- Mads Lebech, Managing Director of The Danish Industry Foundation.

The gateway to fintech in the Nordics

Copenhagen FinTech, who has designed and heads the Copenhagen Fintech Accelerator, was originally established to strengthen Danish fintech.

The organisation has initiated the fintech incubator Copenhagen Fintech Lab, and has long had the ambition to launch an application-based programme for Danish startups as well as to attract international talents and companies.

“We wanted a programme with international scale. With the Copenhagen Fintech Accelerator, we will accelerate startups faster, and we hope to increase the number and quality of solutions and talents in the Danish ecosystem. We could become the gateway for international talent into the Nordic region”

separator- Simon Schou, Chief Innovation Officer in Copenhagen FinTech.

Copenhagen FinTech collaborates with Accelerace that has a successful mentor model as well as a model for creating successful partnerships between corporates and startups.

“In our experience, fintech is the fast mover of the tech industry. End-users want the infrastructure and services offered by the financial institutions today to be redesigned – and the banks are aware of this”

separator- Anders Handlos Grauslund, Business Accelerator and Investment Manager at Accelerace

Better solutions to customers

The Danish major banks, Nykredit and Danske Bank, are partners in the Copenhagen Fintech Accelerator. They both agree that new ideas from startups are crucial to stay ahead in the Danish and the Nordic market.

“We want to promote Copenhagen and Denmark and show how much is happening in the fintech area. The better the fintech ecosystem is, the better the banks will be. We see this as an opportunity to support and invest in development, so we can integrate the best solutions into our business and provide better services to our customers”

separator- Jon Schäffer, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Danske Bank.

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