Greater Copenhagen is looking for tech talent in China

Denmark lacks tech talents. China educates millions of graduates in IT, biotechnology and engineering every year. Can a bridge be built? Copenhagen Capacity participated at Beijing Design Week to promote Greater Copenhagen as a career destination.


The Danish gaming companies SYBO, IO Interactive and Unity Technologies are highly successful in China. But very few Chinese know that the games Subway Surfers and Hitman, and Unity’s gaming platform are Made in Denmark.

The lack of knowledge also applies when it comes to discussing career opportunities in Denmark. As a result, together with SYBO and Unity Technologies, Copenhagen Capacity visited Beijing Design Week in September to flag that Danish tech companies are looking for employees.

“Denmark is not on the radar when highly skilled tech talents in China are considering a career abroad. Instead, they are looking to the US. We were in Beijing to show that emerging digital companies, like SYBO, have exciting job opportunities, a more empowered way of working and are located in a city where everything is close by, feels safe and offers plenty of things to do with the family”

separator- Mathias Nørvig, CEO of the growth and gaming company SYBO, which develops the popular game Subway Surfers.

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Anders Kierkebye Johansen, HR Director at Unity Technologies, who participated with a Virtual Reality station at the Greater Copenhagen stand in Beijing, agrees.

“China is a top maker of highly skilled tech talent. But the talents do not associate Denmark with career opportunities, although they know both H.C. Andersen and LEGO. We participated in the Beijing Design Week to raise awareness that Denmark has many attractive tech companies, such as Unity, with exciting job opportunities and an attractive working environment”

separator- Anders Kierkeby Johansen, HR Director at Unity Technologies, which was founded back in 2004 in Copenhagen but today has offices in 27 locations worldwide

Greater Copenhagen stand at Beijing Design Week 2018 

Chinese candidates are becoming more international

And although China is not the market that Danish companies look at when recruiting, there is reason to scout to the east.

“Top universities in China have become much more aware of educating candidates with a more international profile, and that opens up new opportunities for Danish companies. As a follow-up to the effort made in Beijing, Copenhagen Capacity will continue to promote jobs in Greater Copenhagen and Denmark to tech talents in China throughout the coming year”

separator- Merete Sandager, Senior Talent Attraction Manager at Copenhagen Capacity

Digital campaigns reach millions of candidates

China is just one of the countries where Copenhagen Capacity promotes Greater Copenhagen together with small and large companies in Denmark, who have tried to fill vacant jobs unsuccessfully.

Marketing is done primarily through digital campaigns, which have reached millions of candidates worldwide since 2016. The campaigns target talents in the industries that struggle particularly hard to recruit; the tech and gaming industry, engineering and the life science industry.

See the latest tech campaigns here.