Denmark tops digital government ranking

Denmark jumps at first place in the Digital Government Ranking 2018, followed by Singapore and the United Kingdom. Denmark excels in areas such as online services, digital government promotion, open government and use of emerging ICT.

“Denmark has shown marked development in digital government projects. The Danish government is always trying to establish online services that are simpler and more effective.”

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In the recent Digital Government Ranking 2018 by Waseda University and IAC, Denmark has replaced Singapore in the first position. This is, among other things, owing to Denmark’s recent digital programme running up to 2020, which covers central, regional, and local governments and creates the foundation for the Danish public sector to become a top country in ICT application to government operations.

“Denmark’s ambitious Digital Strategy 2016-2020 sets the country on a course to rapid development and competition with other comparable governments. Denmark is promoting the enhanced accessibility of its public websites, and Denmark’s new mandatory digital mailbox is an intriguing development, allowing the government to communicate instantly and securely with businesses in an official manner.”

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Healthcare data in one platform

Online service is one of five critical indicators in digital governance. It deals with the integration of business processes, policies, procedures, tools, technologies and human efforts to facilitate both assisted and unassisted customer services provided over the Internet and other networks.

Denmark comes in first place in the category Online service in the Digital Government Ranking.

“Denmark has a healthcare portal, which is a public, Internet-based health portal that collects and distributes healthcare information among citizens and healthcare professionals. It is unique in bringing the entire Danish healthcare sector together on the Internet and providing an accessible setting for all citizens and healthcare professionals to meet and efficiently exchange information”

separator- Digital Government Ranking 2018 by Waseda and IAC

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Denmark leads the digital transition

Denmark tops the ranking i several digital areas:

  • Network preparedness #1
  • Management optimisation #1
  • Online services #1
  • National portal #1
  • Government Chief Information Officer #1
  • Digital government promotion #1
  • Open government #1

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