Denmark invests 1.4 billion in research in tech, health and green growth

All parliamentary parties in Denmark have agreed to allocate DKK 1394 million (187 million Euros) to research and development in energy and climate, green growth, food, artificial intelligence and health tech in 2019.

Denmark is already deeply engaged in green transformation, renewable energy and smart city solutions. In 2019, a united Parliament in Denmark has agreed to further boost research and development in the fields of clean energy, food, artificial intelligence and health tech.

“It is fantastic, this agreement will help strengthen Denmark’s future. We are giving a serious boost to research into artificial intelligence. We are prioritising environmental and climate research, which can help solve some of the large future challenges. And I am pleased that all parties have supported the allocation of DKK 180 million (187 million Euros) to the new Pioneer Centres, so that we can create even more outstanding, world-class research environments”

separator- Tommy Ahlers, Minister for Higher Education and Science in Denmark

R&D funding opportunities in Denmark

The Danish government backs and supports knowledge-intensive industries and companies, and Denmark has a comprehensive range of public funding programmes available for business.

Meet bio-manufacturing company Unibio that has placed its R&D in Greater Copenhagen. Unibio has received millions of funding from the Innovation Fund Denmark and the Danish Energy Agency and benefits from having teamed up with the leading international knowledge institute within bio-engineering and fermentation; The Technical University of Denmark.

Distributes 53.6 million Euros more than last year

The accumulated funds in the agreement are compiled of a research reserve of DKK 958 million (128.4 Euros), originating from the proceeds of the reform agreement for early retirement benefits and flex jobs. Additionally, the budget proposal for 2019 allocates DKK 436 million (58.4 million Euros) for continuing existing research initiatives and launching new initiatives.

The agreement distributes almost DKK 400 million (53.6 million Euros) more than last year and earmarks funding for:

  • DKK 390 million (52.3 million Euros) for research in Innovation Fund Denmark. The funds will be distributed to research within new technology, green growth and health tech. These are areas where research can help solve societal challenges, and where public-private research collaboration can contribute to development and growth in the market.
  • DKK 343 million (46 million Euros) for development and demonstration programmes in the fields of environment, food and energy.
  • DKK 262 million (35  million Euros) for the Independent Research Fund Denmark to support independent research and original ideas.
  • DKK 180 million (24 million Euros) for establishing a number of outstanding research centres – Pioneer Centres. 
  • DKK 63 million (8.4 million Euros) for new basic funding for Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and the IT University of Copenhagen.

The parties behind the agreement are all government parties, Socialdemokratiet, Dansk Folkeparti, Radikale Venstre, Socialistisk Folkeparti, Alternativet and Enhedslisten. Read more about the agreement here