Denmark has the world’s second-best workforce

Denmark is 2nd best at developing, attracting and retaining highly-skilled professionals in the global IMD Talent Ranking 2018.

The IMD talent ranking captures the efforts invested in developing local talent while being able to attract overseas staff. Ultimately, it describes the quality of the talent pool available in an economy.

Denmark ranks 2nd in the overall ranking for the fifth year in a row.

Best at cultivating homegrown talent

For the third consecutive year, Denmark ranks 1st in the Investment and Development factor, measuring the resources committed to cultivate homegrown human capital. Denmark scores particularly high on government expenditure on education per student, total expenditure on education, employee training, and health infrastructure.

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Top worker motivation and quality of life

Denmark improves three places to 7th place in the Appeal factor, which evaluates the extent to which a country attracts foreign talent and retains professionals from the local talent pool.

“Denmark ranks top for worker motivation and attracting and retaining talent, and in top five for brain drain, remuneration in services professions and quality of life.”

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Excellent English skills

In the Readiness factor Denmark comes 8th. This factor quantifies the quality of the skills and competencies available in the country.

As the other Nordic countries, Denmark ranks high in the availability of finance and language skills. Denmark also performs well in the effectiveness of its education systems in general, and specifically in management education as well as science in schools.

“Denmark and Greater Copenhagen is an outstanding innovation hub. We have a highly educated work force, and the public-private collaboration in research and development is almost second to none. International investors have great opportunities to find their next money spinner here, and we are ready to help”

separator- Claus Lønborg, CEO of Copenhagen Capacity
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