Denmark ranks 7th in the International Innovation Indicator

Denmark is one of the most innovative countries in the world according to a new international study examining the conditions for innovation in 35 economies world wide.

Denmark is the 7th most innovative country according to the Innovation Indicator 2017, commissioned by the German Academy of Technology and the Federal Association of the German Industry (BDI).

The Innovation Indicator

The international indicator consists of an examination of the innovative strengths of 35 economies. It captures the conditions for innovation as industrial locations in the 35 countries and compares them in a ranking in the areas of industry, science, education, governance, society and in an overall indicator with the globally leading industrial countries and newly emerging economies.

Number one in science

Denmark gets 7th place in total but the total score is combined by a number of sub-indicators. In the sub-area of Science Denmark ranks as number one among the 35 countries.

One of the most digital

For the first time this year the regular study included a digitalization indicator, where Denmark gets an impressive 6th place. The digitalization Indicator consist of rankings in digital industry, education, digital research/technologies and digital infrastructure where Denmark have scores enough to be ranked 6th in digitalization internationally.

The Innovation Indicator 2017 ranking:

1. Switzerland

2. Singapore

3. Belgium

4. Germany

5. Finland

6. Great Britain

7. Denmark

8. Sweden

9. Austria

10. Netherlands

The publication can be downloaded here