Warmblood chooses Copenhagen

Though originating continents apart, Danish and Eastern design are highly compatible. Warmblood, a Chinese-Danish joint venture, aims to bridge interior design traditions through import and export from its new office in Copenhagen.

Nordic design and furniture is popular among Chinese consumers and the fan base in growing. To tap into this lucrative market, Warmblood, a Chinese-Danish joint venture, has established an office in Copenhagen to export Danish design items to selected interior decoration stores in the Sichuan Province in China.

In Copenhagen, Warmblood will moreover provide interior design consultancy services incorporating Eastern design elements into its solutions.  

Entering the Danish market

Copenhagen Capacity assisted Warmblood with consultancy services such as legal advice regarding business setup, input for their business strategy in Denmark and access to local network partners.

Copenhagen Capacity provided information that is crucial for foreign investors. We were thoroughly informed about Denmark’s business environment, labour market, legal and political framework, and the market for decorating and renovating. All assistance before, during and after is free and we truly appreciate this”, says Yangqing Xie, General Administrator of Warmblood.

Reasons for choosing Copenhagen

  • Danish design is popular among Chinese consumers and a lucrative export area 
  • The Danish indoor decoration market is mature and open for Asian design elements, and Warmblood will introduce traditional Chinese design to Denmark. 

How can we help your company?

Copenhagen Capacity provided Warmblood with market and industry information, legal advice, information about office rent and salaries as well as assisted in drafting the business strategy. 

If you want to know more about how we can help your company enter the Danish market from China, please contact Head of Investment, China Division, Yan Yang, via email: yay@copcap.com or mobile: 0045 29 39 81 38.

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