New waste management opportunities in Copenhagen

New supply strategy enhances opportunities for foreign companies in the Danish waste management sector.

The Danish Ministry of Energy, Supply and Climate recently published the first Danish supply strategy, Supply for the Future, (in Danish: “Forsyning for fremtiden”). It includes several measures providing foreign companies with the opportunity to bid and compete on various tasks within the supply sector.

Intensified competition

It is proposed to expose the Danish waste management sector to competition. Today, the sector is subject to a regulatory monopoly, where municipalities has the right to assign a large share of the waste. Thus, today, households and companies are not free to choose the cheapest and best waste management solution. It is expected that efficiency in the waste sector can be increased by competition exposure of waste collection and recycling.

Waste incineration

It is proposed that companies should be granted the authority to decide where their combustible waste is treated, instead of having it specifically assigned by the municipality. Further, municipalities must collect and ensure a competitive tender of the household waste for incineration to ensure the lowest cost for the incineration. Additionally, waste incineration plants operated and owned by municipalities must be transformed into municipally owned companies and operated on market terms.

Waste recycling

In the future, citizens will get the opportunity to use other schemes for recyclable waste than one provided by the local municipality. Moreover, municipalities will be obliged to use private solutions for the handling of recyclable waste. Companies are further required to designate one private waste company to manage all of their waste.

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(Source: The Danish Ministry of Energy, Supply and Climate)