Looking to trade cross-border with the Nordics?

Get your free copy of the Nordic Cross-Border Trading Passport 2016 by eCommerce Worldwide, providing valuable business and logistic insight into the Nordic e-commerce market.

The Nordics (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland) is a market with a combined population of 26 million people and GDP of USD 1.4trn – which ranks the region as the 12th biggest global economy.

With an average GDP per capita of USD 49,000, the four countries make up a wealthy region, ranking in the top 10 e-commerce enabled territories globally; ahead of both the UK and US.

The Greater Copenhagen region, spanning Eastern Denmark and Southern Sweden, has the highest density of population in the Nordics. Nine million people of the total population of 26 million in the Nordics live within a 300km radius of Copenhagen.

New Nordic e-commerce report

The Nordic Cross-Border Trading Passport 2016 provides a guide to detail and examine the key considerations of companies seeking to successfully trade with customers in the Nordics. With its highly developed infrastructure, the Nordics is a booming region for e-commerce activity.

In the last three months, 40% of Nordic consumers will have made purchases from a foreign site. A full 25% of total e-commerce trading comes from international sellers.

This is good news for non-Nordic retailers, especially those in the UK, because many Nordic customers prefer to make their cross-border purchases from UK sites – particularly the Danes, 46% of whom will order from the UK in a typical quarter.

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E-commerce in the Nordics starts in Greater Copenhagen

Greater Copenhagen is located in the heart of Scandinavia and it is the hub for all distribution from Central Europe to Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea.

With an e-commerce logistics centre in Greater Copenhagen, your company can provide delivery within 24 hours to 100 million consumers in the Nordics and Northern Europe.

If you want to know more about e-commerce in Greater Copenhagen and the Nordics, please contact Business Development Manager, Supply Chain Management/Logistics, Paul Dhami.