Denmark tops sustainable energy index

Denmark ranks first overall, and also on the energy security dimension, in the 2016 Energy Trilemma Index by World Energy Council. Denmark’s performance is excellently balanced, resulting in a triple-A score.

The World Energy Council’s definition of energy sustainability is based on three core dimensions: energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability. The Energy Trilemma Index ranks the energy performance of 125 countries worldwide in terms of their ability to provide a secure, affordable, and environmentally sustainable energy system.

This year Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden top the Index, with Denmark also achieving the highest score for energy security.

Countries are also awarded a balance score that highlights how well the country manages the trade-offs between the three energy trilemma dimensions and identifies top performing countries with a triple-A score – an achievement only 13 of the 125 countries assessed obtained; Denmark being one of them.

Denmark will be free of fossil fuels by 2050

In March 2012, a new ambitious energy agreement was reached in Denmark. This should bring Denmark closer to reaching the target of 100% renewable energy in the energy and transport sectors by 2050, by committing to large investments up to 2020 in energy efficiency, renewable energy and the overall energy system.

Denmark’s 2020 targets include:

Denmark is building the energy grid of tomorrow

Danish policymakers are focusing on the implications of:

  • Being fossil free for the transport sector.
  • The future role of the Danish natural grid.
  • The introduction of huge amounts of fluctuating renewable energy in the electricity grid.

Read the full report World Energy Trilemma Index 2016 here.

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