Copenhagen wins special prize for sustainable urban strategy

Copenhagen has won a Special Recognition Prize for its determination and persistence in reconquering public space from private vehicles so that it can be used by pedestrians and cyclists.

“With this Special Recognition, the jury recognises the reconquest of the city as a role model which could be taken up worldwide.”

This year, the jury of the European Prize for Urban Public Space decided to create a special category in order to recognise the public policies introduced and supported by the city of Copenhagen – policies that are the result of a commitment to ensure that a good quality of urban life is available for everyone.

Sustainable mobility and water management

The European Prize for Urban Public Space is a biennial competition organised by seven European institutions with the aim to recognise and encourage the recovery projects and defense of public space in cities.

“Among the 25 finalist works of the 2016 European Prize for Urban Public Space, several are from Copenhagen and its metropolitan area. All of them show great determination to encourage a comfortable presence of people in their urban surroundings. Through innovative interventions, the city has invested in democratic, sustainable mobility with an emphasis on public transport and bicycle traffic rather than cars, while also highlighting proper use and enjoyment of its water resources”, the jury said about its decision.

Source: The European Prize for Urban Public Space