Copenhagen Capacity awarded top investment agency in Western Europe

Copenhagen Capacity has been recognised as the top-performing regional investment agency in Western Europe by global specialist locations magazine, Site Selection.

In February, Greater Copenhagen’s strategy to attract foreign investment was announced the best among Europe’s medium-sized regions by the Financial Times. 

Now, Copenhagen has won international honour again: the global US-based magazine Site Selection has announced that Copenhagen Capacity, Greater Copenhagen’s investment promotion agency, is named the best Regional Investment Promotion Agency in Western Europe.

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Rakings based on day-to-day professionalism

“We are truly honoured to win as best regional investment promotion agency in Western Europe. It is a testament to our strong dedication to inviting foreign companies and investors to do business in Greater Copenhagen and assisting them in making a successful start. Many global businesses have chosen Greater Copenhagen for their Nordic headquarters, and I hope many more will follow – Copenhagen Capacity is ready to assist all the way”, says Claus Lønborg, CEO, Copenhagen Capacity.

The Best to Invest rankings recognise the day-to-day professionalism and awareness of staff from both a national and location-specific perspective. Criteria include:

  • Most professionally responsive to enquiries.
  • Staff possessing the best knowledge and language diversity.
  • Access to user-friendly databases of sites and incentives.
  • Access to recent investors in the region who can vouch for the area and agency.
  • Design of website.
  • Reputation for protecting investor confidentiality.
  • After-care services.

A strong signal to capital investors

The 2016 awards, which are published in the May edition of the Site Selection magazine, were voted on by a group of international site consultants, Site Selection editorial staff and members of the Global FDI Association. The group ranked all inward investment agencies across the world.

“A Top Investment Promotion Agency recognition from Site Selection signals to capital investors worldwide that the organisation delivers the location intelligence they require efficiently, thoroughly and effectively,” says Mark Arend, Editor in Chief of Site Selection. 

“Copenhagen Capacity has clearly demonstrated this ability, which we predict will result in greater interest, if not investment, in the region going forward.”

How can we help your company?

In recent years, Greater Copenhagen has seen a number of major international firms locate or expand in the city.

These include Hitachi, who has placed its first Big Data laboratory in mainland Europe in Copenhagen; Cisco, who has entered into an innovation partnership with three municipalities in Greater Copenhagen to test and develop the Internet of Everything; and Israeli Mellanox Technology, who has expanded its R&D activities in Greater Copenhagen within end-to-end InfiniBand, Ethernet interconnect and data storage solutions. 

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