Bicycles outnumber cars in Copenhagen

More bikes than cars now transport Copenhageners to and from the city, making bicycles the most popular mode of transportation in central Copenhagen.

Within 24 hours, 265,700 bicycles passed the streets in the recent traffic count in central Copenhagen. This is the highest number of cyclists since the Municipality of Copenhagen began keeping records in the early 1970s.

The number of cars registered in the count were lower; 252,600 cars drove into or out of the inner city area.

68% increase in bicycle traffic

Overall, vehicle traffic in Copenhagen fell by 1% compared to 2015, while bicycle traffic increased by 15% with 35,080 additional cyclists rolling on the city’s bicycle paths.

Copenhagen Municipality has records of the traffic development, dating back more than four decades. In the last 20 years, bicycle traffic has increased by 68%.

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Copenhagen bicycle facts

  • Every day, cyclists in Copenhagen travels 1.36 million kilometres.
  • 41% of all trips to work and education take place by bike.
  • The citizens of Copenhagen own about 678,000 bicycles – that is 6.6 times more than cars in the city.
  • Every year, 60 international delegations visit Copenhagen to learn about promoting bicycling as a mode of transportation.

(Source: Daily Newspaper Politiken)