Uber to hire up to 100 engineers in Denmark

The international transport network company, Uber, has opened a research and development centre in Denmark and is looking to hire extra 50-100 engineers.

Even before Uber started its transport activities in Denmark, the company had established a research and development centre in Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city.

The R&D centre, which currently employs 22 staff, is in charge of developing Uber's infrastructure, and now that requires the recruitment of additional 50-100 engineers.

"Uber chose Denmark for its R&D centre for several reasons. Among other things, because Denmark offers a large talent pool of skilled engineers. We encourage all engineers who are among the world's best, or who wants to be among the elite, to send an application to Uber immediately," said Head of Public Policy in Uber, Lars Dyrhagen.

To apply for the positions please see more at Uber's website.

Source: Børsen Business (in Danish).