Smart parking in Copenhagen

The Municipality of Copenhagen launches a wireless parking sensor test area before introducing smart parking in all Copenhagen city areas.

The Municipality of Copenhagen has initiated a wireless parking sensor project enabling car drivers to find vacant parking spaces using their smartphone.

The sensor technology will initially be tested in a small area next to the Copenhagen City Hall.

In addition to the wireless parking sensors, the municipality will test other smart city solutions in the area such as intelligent lighting, smart traffic lights and garbage containers telling when they have to be emptied.

Smart parking all city districts from 2016
The parking sensor project, which will begin this summer, is part of Copenhagen’s overall plan to introduce smart parking in all city districts by the end of 2015. From then on, car drivers must pay for parking using their smartphone or a touch screen computer in the street to type in the registration number of the vehicle.

Cars equipped with scanners will patrol the streets to identify cars that have not paid for parking. Moreover, the scanners will collect data to be used for the development of a mobile app which will map the best parking spaces at any given time, based on statistics.

“This initiative takes Copenhagen to the super league of parking. When fully implemented, the city will play in the Champions League of parking services,” said Jes Øksnebjerg, Head of Centre for Parking, the Municipality of Copenhagen.

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