Copenhagen smart city project shortlisted by Nordic Built Cities

Shortlisted Copenhagen project demonstrates how to combine rainwater handling systems and green recreational spaces in the city.

Heavy rain cloudbursts is predicted to be a growing issue for many cities due to the climate change. A smart city project in the Copenhagen city district Nørrebro, dealing with innovative rainwater handling systems as well as social integration via green, recreational multi-functional facilities, has been selected as one of five projects shortlisted in the Nordic Built Cities Challenge 2015.

Efficient way of spending public resources
The Nordic Built Cities Challenge jury states: What is of interest is not only the innovative rainwater handling systems but also the cooperation and synergy where the municipality, the utility company and local organisations aim to solve many challenges within one project. If the urban design for water management and social revitalisation can be combined, the shortlisted solution can enable unique solutions and has a great potential. Moreover, the project organisation and its time schedule present an efficient way of spending public resources.

About the Nordic Built Cities Challenge
The selected projects represent a broad variety of challenges, from climate adaption to green mobility and the recycling and reuse of existing materials in an urban space. These challenges are relevant on a Nordic as well as a global level, and the ambition is that the shortlisted projects will result in best practice examples, demonstrating Nordic innovative solutions which can be exported to cities worldwide.

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