New living lab for healthtech solutions

A new living lab is to provide companies and research institutions with the opportunity to collaborate on the development, testing and implementation of future healthtech solutions.

Innovation within the welfare area has become a necessity as the world’s population continues to increase, and the demands toward the quality of welfare grow – and at the same time, the public sector is expected to work more efficiently for less money.

The City of Copenhagen has set out to address these challenges with the establishment of a new living lab. Living Lab Strandvejen, as the facility is called, will serve as a laboratory for the development and testing of healthtech technologies, assisting both companies and research institutions with systematic and successful human-centred innovation. The vision is to create growth and welfare for the residents of Copenhagen.

A unique combination of living and lab
Living Lab Strandvejen will be a part of the rehabilitation centre Indre By/Østerbro, which offers rehabilitation stays for citizens with disabilities over 65 years of age. According to Anne Hasselbalch, project manager at Living Lab Strandvejen, this is one of the new facility’s strongholds.

The new living lab’s location offers a unique opportunity for research institutions and companies to test solutions in real environments and in close cooperation with the end-user. It is the ideal combination of living and lab, Hasselbalch explains.

Living Lab Strandvejen is already involved in a number of projects and will continue to offer its assistance to research institutions and companies looking to develop and/or test innovative solutions within the field of assistive devices, robot technology, information and communication technology and medical devices.

Please see some illustrative cases here (in Danish).

For more information, please visit the official website of Living Lab Strandvejen here (in Danish).