New international school in Copenhagen

Copenhagen will soon open Denmark’s first international municipal elementary school, accommodating 900 pupils.
The new city district Carlsberg Byen in Copenhagen is a hotspot for real estate developers and investors. Soon, it will also increase its attractiveness among international citizens. 

In 2018, Carlsberg Byen will offer Denmark’s first municipal primary and lower-secondary school; Europaskolen. The construction of the school will commence in 2016 and the school will have room for 900 students.

“Greater Copenhagen needs and warmly welcomes foreign researchers, post docs and other highly-skilled employees as well as their families. The international school is great news and will strengthen Greater Copenhagen’s expat environment further”, says Claus Lønborg, CEO, Copenhagen Capacity – Invest in Greater Copenhagen.

The City of Copenhagen will run the new school, which will be part of the existing Sankt Annæ Gymnasium. The teaching of the first students commenced in August 2014 at a temporary location in Southern Copenhagen. BAM Denmark won the tender to build the new school in Carlsberg Byen.

(Source: Byg-Tek.)