Fast-growing bioinformatics company Mind the Byte opens subsidiary in Copenhagen

The bioinformatics company, Mind the Byte, located at the Barcelona Science Park and the Copenhagen Bio Science Park, has passed into the realm of overfunding with 234% of the initial investment objective.

In just 43 days, bioinformatics company Mind the Byte, specialising in products and services for computational drug design, has concluded an investment round totalling €234,310 through the crowd-equity platform Crowdcube.

Subsidiary in the dynamic science cluster COBIS

The capital is intended to consolidate the plan for expansion and internationalisation of Mind the Byte, for which the company has relied on the strategic support of ACCIÓ of the Government of Catalonia, Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Denmark.

The first step was to establish a subsidiary in the Copenhagen Bio Science Park (COBIS), one of the most dynamic European clusters in terms of scientific innovation and technological transfer. The second step will be to boost the marketing of the company’s SaaS platform for drug discovery in countries such as Denmark, Germany, the United States and Japan.

Reduced R&D costs and faster time to market

Mind the Byte has two lines of business:

  • Custom services involving computational chemistry for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, institutions and research groups committed to reducing the cost of drug R&D (drug discovery) processes and accelerating the time to market of new medications by between 1 and 3 years.
  • Developing and marketing next-generation software through its SaaS technological platform on a pay-per-use basis for which it is a pioneer in the market.

See Mind the Bytes’ press release here.

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