Denmark no. 5 on Global Creativity Index 2015

Denmark is fifth out of 139 countries and number one in Europe on new Global Creativity Index by Martin Prosperity Institute.

The Global Creativity Index (GCI) is a broad-based measure for advanced economic growth and sustainable prosperity based on the three Ts of economic development – talent, technology and tolerance.

Countries that score highly on the GCI have higher levels of entrepreneurship, competitiveness and productivity (measured as economic output per person) and is moreover closely connected to urbanisation.

European leader
Denmark is tied with Finland for best score in Europe taking a fifth place out of 139 countries on the Global Creativity Index 2015.

“The GCI top ranking clearly shows that Denmark is great for business, R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship and embraces diversity and different kinds of people. This is highly important in a globalised world where the competition for attracting international talent is tough”, says Claus Lønborg, CEO, Copenhagen Capacity.

No. 6 on Global Talent Index

  • No. 12 for creative class
  • No. 14 for educational attainment

No. 10 on Global Technology Index

  • No. 6 for R&D investment
  • No. 15 for patents per capital

No 13 on Global Tolerance Index

  • No. 13 for gays and lesbians
  • No. 19 for racial and ethnic minorities

The top 5 GCI countries

1. Australia

2. United States

3. New Zealand

4. Canada

5. Denmark tied with Finland

See the full report: The Global Creativity Index 2015